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The mission of The Broken Baby Podcast is to empower survivors of mental health struggles and childhood traumas through clothing, storytelling, and advocacy. We believe that everyone has a unique story to tell and by sharing our experiences, we can inspire others to find their voice and overcome their own battles. Through our platform, we aim to create a movement of hope and resilience, fostering a community of support and understanding. Together, we will break the silence, challenge stigmas, and ignite a spark of change in the world, proving that it is indeed possible to triumph over adversity. Join us on this journey of healing, growth, and empowerment as we embrace our brokenness and transform it into a powerful force for positive transformation. Let’s go from Broken to Chosen, why not us???

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Ceo Naay Moe

Na’Shya Donnelly-Johnson also known as “Ceo Naay Moe”. Born, raised and spent the first 20 years of my life in the 57 square miles of Bloomington, Illinois. I come from a very broken up family of both love and dysfunction in which I experienced mental and verbal abuse, saw violence and physical abuse. Thus gave me the traumas that I to this day am sorting out to heal the Broken Baby within me. I later learned that the same traumas I have happen to be generational. Being raised by a single mother, I took on the role of being the strong one suppressing not only the abuse and emotions from the things I saw as a little kid, but even everything else as I grew older. Not yet understanding the misinterpretation of the word strength that I lived by, I was still carrying that weight which led to my snapping point. My sophomore year in high school I missed a total of 56 days due to the heavy depression setting in from traumas and things that I had experienced up to that point. In this time, still hiding it from my mom with smiles and laughter she found out I was self-harming myself. The look on her face I’ll never forget it, it’s something that shook the “we gotta do something” in me. With a diagnosis of a bipolar disorder there were many trials and errors with medications and I eventually got sick of how they made me feel. With the lack of education on side effects, I cold turkey took myself off of them after being on them for a year. Come to find out that’s the equivalent to forcing ejecting a hard drive from a computer and you get the message that says “may cause damage to the drive and data on it”. That downward spiral let me to the attempt to take my own life. My story didn’t end that day, in fact my story is still being written with a far more healthy and positive mental state. However, that chapter was pivotal in the mission of The Broken Baby Movement and who I am today. That’s actually how I even created the term and brand “Broken Baby”. Through telling different parts of my story I found that there are many Broken Babies just like me. As far as how I got to where I am today mentally, that’s the objective behind the Broken Baby podcast as each topic will open up different parts of my story in which I can then speak on how I overcame it, and introduce other ways to show others that we can go from Broken Babies to Chosen Babies. From one survivor to another, we all have a story to tell.

Meet your Host


I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME…Drakkar Alexander Wright also known as Kar. Im a man of God that leads with faith and compassion. A father of 4 Nyairah , Jaida , Kar jr. , & Kingston Grew up in a house hold of 6 sisters and a mom. My father was in and out of prison dealing with addiction my whole life. I say that to say the apple don’t fall far from the tree, and the older I get the more I realize I’m just like him. Ive been striving my whole life to break generational curses that’s been bestowed on my family. Went to prison at 19 years old, I was sentenced to 5-15 years in sci-camphill Pennsylvania to be exact. When I was sentenced I left 3 children and 2 of my kids mothers out here to fend for them selves. The pain of watching your children grow up in a visiting room is a pain I don’t wish on no one. I came home November of 2015 , and had my last son KINGSTON two months from me being released. During that time of her pregnancy I was learning how to cope with life how to deal with society trying to find a place out here. Which led to addiction and a heart that wanted to help others but I couldn’t help anyone if I couldn’t help my self. I was released from supervision in 2021, and a week later moved to Phoenix Arizona where I reside at till this day. I took a leap of faith and started working on me and who I need to be in order to impact millions of kids from going that the same path and the help combat that I go into the Durango Juvenile detention center to teach them things I had to learn the hard way. Left with no job just an apartment and faith in me and GOD. Morale of the story is #BETONYOURSELF. Invest in YOU & Enjoy the journey. We are on a mission to go from Broken Babies to Chosen Babies and along the way we want to inspire others to do the same.

New episodes every Wednesday

Releasing 4/17/2024

Episode 1

Introductory episode focusing on hosts' backgrounds, traumas, and tribulations.

Releasing 4/24/2024

Episode 2

Discover the Power of Accountability for Personal Growth.

Releasing 5/1/2024

Episode 3

Explore How Decisions Shape Our Lives and Health

Releasing 5/8/2024

Episode 4

Exploring factors driving the inflation of mental health issues.

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